Action Alerts

Tell Missouri Lawmakers To Support SB 8/HB 113 and HB 352
Missouri legislators are considering two important bills that would reform mandatory minimum sentences and grant parole eligibility for some elderly prisoners.
Urge Arizona Legislators to Support Justice Reform
Arizona state legislators have introduced four criminal justice reform bills. Urge your senator and representatives to support these important bills.
Urge Idaho Lawmakers to Support Sentencing Reform
Idaho lawmakers are considering a bill that would reform mandatory drug sentencing laws. Contact your legislators and tell them to support HB 99!
Tell Maryland Lawmakers to Oppose More Mandatory Minimums
Contact your Maryland delegates and senator to tell them you don't want any new mandatory minimum sentences.
Urge Florida Lawmakers to Support SB 704
SB 704 would make certain previous criminal justice reforms retroactive. Contact your lawmakers and urge them to support this important bill.
Urge Florida Lawmakers to Support the Florida First Step Act
The Florida First Step Act is modeled after the federal bill of the same name, and makes important changes to Florida's criminal justice system.
Contact the U.S. Sentencing Commission
Contact form to U.S. Sentencing Commission
Tell PA Lawmakers: Support Probation Reform
Pennsylvania state senators have introduced a bill that would reform how long Pennsylvanians stay on probation and the time they serve for probation violations.
Tell the Texas Legislature to Cool Our Prisons
Legislators are considering a bill to keep Texas Department of Criminal Justice facilities more humane by requiring temperature standards.