Action Alerts

Tell the Senate: Improve and Pass the FIRST STEP Act
The House has passed a comprehensive prison reform bill and it is now the Senate's turn to move meaningful reform this session. Write your Senator and urge them to improve the bill and send it back to the House for approval before time runs out!
Tell Missouri Safety Valve Sponsors: Thank you!
While we were unable to secure a victory this session for the Justice Safety Valve act, the bill's sponsors were strong champions for reform throughout this year's session. Use this form to thank them for supporting meaningful sentencing reform.
Urge your Senators to support the GRACE Act
This year, Sen. Schatz, Sen. Lee, and Sen. Leahy introduced the Granting Release and Compassion Effectively (GRACE) Act which would greatly improve the process of compassionate release for federal prisoners. Urge your senators to support the GRACE Act.