Action Alerts

Tell Your Legislators: "Massachusetts Needs Sentencing Reform Now!"
Call script for MA members to support sentencing reform.
Tell Congress: Support True Prison Reform
Tell your members of Congress that we need halfway houses to achieve true prison reform . If you have been personally impacted by a halfway house closure, please add your own story to the letter.
Tell Maryland Lawmakers to Oppose More Mandatory Minimums
Contact your Maryland delegates and senator, and let them know that you do not want more mandatory sentencing laws.
Tell Missouri Senators and Representatives: Support SB 748 and HB 1739
Tell your members of Congress to support of SB 748 and HB 1739. These two bills are an evidence-based, cost-saving solution to our crime and prison problems.
Tell the Massachusetts House: Repeal Mandatory Minimums Today!
The Massachusetts House of Representatives is considering a major criminal justice reform package. Contact your Representatives and tell them to support the repeal of mandatory minimums!